You can help a great deal by setting regular practice time with your children. Listen to them play! On a busy day, even 10 minutes of practicing will help! If you would like professional help, please schedule an extra lesson with the teachers.
Practicing is very important, but smart practicing is even better! Let's say, you work on a particular piece. First, determine the most difficult parts, passages, and bars. Practice those first.
Don't waste your time by simply playing the piece over and over again - most likely, you will be repeating the same mistakes every time you play, stumbling in the same places. Have a plan.
Determine what needs to be improved and then go for it! If you don't know what needs to be improved, ask Tatiana, Karen or Natalia. You can schedule a lesson to address this matters if you wish! Metronomes are very helpful. You can set the tempos slower for practice purpose and gradually speed it up.
Don't always start practicing from the beginning. Instead, break the piece into segments and practice particular excerpts. Our sessions will be more enjoyable when musicians are better prepared.
What you invest in practicing music will pay off in other areas. It greatly improves attention and coordination. To play in the orchestra or any ensemble, you have to listen to people around you and truly work together.
Enjoy your practicing!